Hooded Plover Monitors

Hundreds of coastal volunteers are monitoring hoodies for in an effort to conserve this endangered bird.

In addition to established coastal volunteer groups, a group of local residents in the Point Roadknight area is actively involved in monitoring the breeding activities of the Hooded Plover, a vulnerable bird species that breeds between September and March.

Hoodies now struggle to find a bit of undisturbed space on the beach to breed and because their nesting failure rate is as high as 90-95%, their numbers are declining as too few young are added to the population to sustain it.

Birds Australia and hundreds of coastal volunteers are turning this dire situation around. By monitoring hoodies and detecting when they have eggs or chicks, BirdLife Australia can work towards getting protective management in place to relieve many of the human pressures.

To learn more about Hooded Plovers or to become a volunteer monitor contact BirdLife Australia hoodedplover@birdlife.org.au.

More information

5 steps to volunteering for Hoodies: A guide to becoming a Hooded Plover Monitor from  BirdLife Australia