Keep off the sand dunes

Sand dunes along the Great Ocean Road coast are off limits to people and their pets.

Our vulnerable sand dunes are increasingly being damaged and destroyed by people traffic.  Consequently, all sand dune areas of beaches along our coast are prohibited areas.

This applies to all fenced and unfenced sand dune areas. Where an area is unfenced, the ban applies to the entire sand dune starting from the bottom part closest to the sea.

You can help to protect our dunes by keeping to designated paths and tracks.

Why is dune running so destructive?
The practice of 'dune running' (where humans train or play by running up dunes) tramples coastal ecosystems, ripping up vegetation and causing gullies which turn into blowouts ‐ large bowls of loose sand that form quickly but take years to repair, if the dune can recover at all.

Dune erosion results in damage to and loss of vegetation and, consequently, biodiversity and habitat for our indigenous flora.

What are alternative ways to train?
John Jacoby is the Director of the Anaconda Adventure Race, a former adventure racer and world champion long‐distance kayaker.  John says there are plenty of tough workouts to be found using the following:

  • The soft beach sand
  • The tracks north of Pt Addis
  • The steps at Bells
  • The steps at Winki
  • The steps at BoobsThe steps at Bird Rock


More information.

John Jacoby ‐ standing on an eroded gully with exposed plant roots says there are great training alternatives to using dunes.
It might seem like fun but playing in sand dunes can not only destroy these areas but can be dangerous. Learn more here.