Dogs on beaches

Make sure you familiarise yourself and comply with the local dog regulations.

 The regulations pertaining to dogs on beaches include:

  • Designated off-leash areas where dogs are permitted off-leash at all times, provided they are kept under effective control.
  • Timeshare arrangements, which apply in certain areas from 1 Dec to 28 Feb and at Easter. During these dates, dogs are prohibited (except on defined pathways where they must be on a leash) between 9am to 7pm and permitted off-leash but under effective control between 7pm and 9am. Outside these dates, dogs are permitted off-leash but under effective control.
  • No dog zones where dogs are not permitted (with the exception of defined pathways where they must be on a leash). Note: includes all fenced dune or vegetation areas and playgrounds

Note: Dogs are prohibited in all fenced dune and vegetation areas, and public playgrounds. Dogs must be on a leash in car parks and on beach access tracks.

Dog owners who do not comply with the regulations could be liable for fines of up to $400.

Dog owners are also required to pick up after their animals in any public place, including beaches. Those failing to do so could incur a $200 fine.

More information

Learn more about local dog regulations and download the Surf Coast Shire Dog Regulations Brochure (includes maps) here.