Sick or injured animals

You can take simple steps to protect native wildlife. Learn about what to do when you come across an injured, sick or orphaned animal.

Native animals can be injured, orphaned or killed as a result of human activities or natural disasters and around 7,000 native animals are treated in Victorian animal shelters each year.

If you hit an animal with your car it is important to check whether they are alive or deceased and whether they have any young.  Take steps first to ensure your safety, pulling over in a safe place and approach the animal with caution.   Do not attempt to capture or pick up an animal that is distressed or injured, and keep a safe distance, as it may bite or scratch you, particularly when stressed.

The best way to look after an animal in distress is to call the right people immediately.  If the animal is alive and in need of help DSE have a customer service centre which will direct you to the closest local animal shelter or refuge or you can contact Wildlife Victoria's emergency phone service  on 13 000 94535.

Only a registered, trained wildlife carer can look after a sick or injured animal.

For more information on caring for wildlife please visit the DSE website, call the the DSE Customer Service Centre 136 186.

For further information on caring for wildlife read our blog post on the subject here.