Go native in your garden

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If you love the coast, rid your garden of weeds and replace them with local indigenous species.

Did you know that some of our worst environmental weeds come from local gardens?

Plants like Sweet Pittosporum, Mirror Bush (or Coprosma), Gazania, Coast Tea Tree, Coast Wattle, Agapanthus, Polygala and Bluebell Creeper are valued by coastal gardeners for their toughness and vigour. These same traits however also mean they are highly invasive in the wild.

In addition, some of the most widespread environmental weeds make a significant contribution to bushfire risks due to the combination of their high flammability and dense growth habits. Coast Tea Tree and Coast Wattle are two examples.

Given these factors, it makes good sense to replace the environmental weeds in your coastal garden with local indigenous species. Check out our weed page to identify the enemies hiding in your garden.

If you would like more information about how to do this or other ways you can care for our coast, including by becoming involved in a local environmental group, please email us or call 03 5220 5055.

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