Local laws and regulations

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The Surf Coast Shire establishes and enforces a range of local laws and regulations pertaining to people's behaviour on the coast.

Camping and fires on beaches
Camping and fires are both prohibited on our beaches and foreshore areas, including all coastal car parks. This includes sleeping in cars in these areas.

Parking regulations are actively enforced across the region, which means following the signs. In addition, yellow lines are painted along kerbs and roadsides to denote no standing any time areas. Don't risk a fine by parking on or adjacent to a yellow line.

Dogs on beaches
Make sure you familiarise yourself and comply with the local dog regulations.

Keep off the sand dunes
Sand dunes along the Great Ocean Road coast are off limits to people and their pets.

Removal of vegetation
The illegal removal of native vegetation impacts our fragile coastal environment.

Rubbish dumping
Rubbish illegally dumped on our beaches and coastal reserves causes harm to the environment and threatens coastal flora and fauna.

Smoke and glass-free beaches
Smoking and glass containers are banned from all beaches.

More information

Please note that while GORCC supports their implementation, only the Surf Coast Shire can establish and enforce local laws and regulations pertaining to people's behaviour on the coast, including dog regulations, parking regulations etc.
These laws help to ensure everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time living, working and playing on the coast.
Coastal access signs along our beaches provide information about local laws. It's up to you to read and understand these signs and to follow the law.