Issues and Opportunities Paper

The Issues and Opportunities (I&O) paper has been released for comment. Feedback is now being assessed and taken under consideration.

The I&O paper presents issues and opportunities that have been identified through site investigations, background research, information from past studies and previous material, and have been informed by preliminary consultation with the project's Community Reference Group and Agency Working Group.

GORCC is looking to gain feedback from stakeholders and the wider community on the issues and opportunities raised in the I&O paper, and to identify any further issues or opportunities that have not been addressed.

Results of this stage of consultation will be summarised in a consultation report, and will be considered in the development of a draft plan (which is expected to be released for consultation over Summer 2016/2017).



Download and view the I&O Paper:
Memorial Arch Precinct Master Plan Issues & Opportunities Paper January 2015


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