Taylor Park

Upgrades as part of the implementation of the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee’s (GORCC’s) Taylor Park Masterplan.

$30,000 of works have been completed in the Park, including the creation of three proposed picnic areas adjacent to Cliff and Walker Streets, and an expert investigation into the health of trees in the park.  The picnic areas will be a convenient resting place for people walking through Taylor Park to and from the shopping precinct near Gilbert Street.

The plan recognises that the park is valued highly by the community for its bushland character, trees and birdlife and aims to enhance and protect the park’s special character.  This peaceful spot will allow shoppers an opportunity to experience and enjoy the contrast of the natural beauty of Taylor Park to the nearby shopping precinct.

Picnic areas are framed by existing stands of Sugar Gums, which have been retained, while some of the smaller trees between the lines of Sugar Gums have been removed to improve sun access.  The surface in this area has been improved and mown grass established.

The plan, which was developed in 2001, is partially implemented, having seen approx $250,000 worth of works to date.  Previous works have included the creation of the wetlands, which were established to improve stormwater quality, habitat diversity and the overall landscape character of the park.  There have also been BBQ, pathway and carpark improvements and the installation bollards along Zeally Bay Road.


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