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Split Point Lookout is a cliff-edge structure overlooking the magnificent Surf Coast and the iconic Split Point Lighthouse.

In August 2010 the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee began construction of a new look-out platform. The lookout is located in Airey's Inlet on a cliff-edge overlooking Eagle Rock, with magnificent views of the coast and the iconic Split Point Lighthouse. Track works were also completed to improve the site's overall accessibility and reduce erosion and sedimentation.

Sustainable design and construction concepts and practices were utilised to provide a public facility that simultaneously protects and improves local biodiversity, complements and celebrates the coastline, enhances visitor safety and enriches visitor experiences.

The works represented one of the actions emerging from the Split Point Lighthouse Precinct Masterplan, which the committee jointly developed with Surf Coast Shire in 2009.

In October 2010, the lookout was  the then Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment and Water Michael Crutchfield visited the completed platform. [Media release]

The location of the new lookout gives visitors the exceptional opportunity to take in dramatic views from the very edge of the cliff an unsurpassed vantage point allowing visitors further appreciate the beauty, fragility and history of the Surf Coast, whilst nestling unobtrusively into the Split Point landscape.

Steps were taken to ensure the lookout balanced visitor safety, improving visitor access, enhancing the visitor experience, protecting the natural environment and promoting the site's environmental and historical significance.  Features of the lookout include: 

Telling the site's story.

Interpretive signs which will tell the site's story and enhance visitors' experiences, with the story focusing on the Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary and the seascape and landscape surrounding the lookout.  You can exlplore the Split Point Lookout and discover more about its wonderful natural environment here.

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Michael Crutchfield and Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Coast Project Coordinator Mike Bodsworth at the look-out
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