Great Ocean Road Renewal Program

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A three-year, $1.35 million program, to deliver four discrete projects - each critically important in their own right - supported by funding from the Australian Government.

The Great Ocean Road Renewal Program sought to address four of the biggest coastal issues identified in our 2007 Environment and Land Management Plan: environmental weeds, conservation and celebration of Aboriginal cultural heritage, climate change impacts and increasing demand for coastal recreation facilities.

1. Natural Values Project
This project aimed to reduce weed infestation and land degradation to ensure native vegetation is conserved for future generations.  This included improving native vegetation communities along our coastal reserves by blitzing weeds over the next three years and boosting native plant species. It entailed establishing an experienced conservation team and providing the necessary equipment and strategic guidance afforded by our 2009 Native Vegetation and Weed Action Plan.

The Native Vegetation and Weed Action Plan assesses native vegetation and habitat values across GORCC's management area and prioritises management activities. The plan also assesses and maps threats by weeds, allowing the Committee to undertake an assets-based approach to conserving natural values.

2. Cultural Values Project
A cultural heritage management plan has been developed to provide the foundation for a better understanding of the coast's Aboriginal heritage and sites, and an ongoing partnership with local Aboriginal groups. The project gathered information on existing registered sites, looked for new sites and filled in other gaps in our knowledge. This information will provide management guidance for sites and help us to fulfil our coastal management obligations without jeopardising cultural materials or sites. The project will also allow us to work with traditional owners to bring cultural heritage to life through interpretation and cultural activities.

3. Surf Coast Coastal Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Project
This project involved undertaking an assessment of the vulnerability of the coast to climate change in terms of potential impacts on coastal assets and values. This information will provide a basis to commence work on adaptation strategies to ensure a healthy future for our coast. The project will build on work completed and underway at national and state levels.  Learn more here.

4. Tourquay Tourism and Facilities Project
This project has delivered new public facilities at Torquay's main surf beach, including new amenities incorporating a small kiosk. An existing public toilet facility was also upgraded. The new and improved facilities will enhance beachgoers' enjoyment and experiences of Torquay's most popular beach, which has a tourism history spanning more than 100 years and ever-increasing recreational pressures.

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