Torquay boat ramp

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The delivery of a $1.7 million project that will provide safer access for Surf Coast anglers and boaters to launch and retrieve their vessels.

This popular boat-launching location would now be able to withstand heavy traffic from recreational boating and other marine-based activities.

The Torquay Marine Rescue Service will also utilise the ramp to berth vessels and provide search and rescue services to the community.

Project Background

The new Torquay boat ramp replaced the existing ramp at Fishermans Beach which was nearing the end of its useful life.

The new ramp was built on concrete piles (similar to the existing structure) and continues to function primarily as a beach access ramp with most launches occurring off hard sand.

The ramp's final design was based on a 2007 feasibility study, which entailed consultation with ramp users, beachgoers, surfers and others to determine a preferred option for providing a safe and accessible boat launching facility that preserves the site\'s social and environmental values.

The new ramp will provide a much improved, safer facility that will enhance users enjoyment of recreational boating and other marine-based activities. 

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Angling Club Secretary Shane Korth, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Chairman John Carlile and Great Ocean Road Coast Committee CEO Richard Davies at the completed ramp.