Caravan park planning and upgrades

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Upgrade works in our caravan parks in Torquay and Lorne.

In early 2009, a masterplan was developed to upgrade our caravan parks in Torquay and Lorne. The plan focused on staging the upgrade works over the next 10 years will be achieved through $1 million of GORCC's own funds  - supported by State Government grants for specific works and borrowings for new cabins.

Completed works
In December 2009, the State Government announced that it would provide $750,000 to fund the first stage of a power upgrade in the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park. This funding has improved power supply in the bottom half of the park closest to the beach, with a brand new power systeminstalled to service some 300 camp sites, including replacement power heads where required, and power upgrades to four amenity blocks and existing cabins. The works commenced in May 2010 and were completed in November 2010.

Other upgrade works undertaken in 2010 included putting in a new water supply, improving some access roads and installing five new onsite cabins.

The second stage of the power and water infrastructure component of the upgrade project was successfully commissioned on 21 October 2012.  This work delivered new and reliable power supplies to the remaining 300 sites in the northern section of the park, as well as new water supply systems. This work also included additional fire service installations and hose reels in line with the CFA’s specified scope of works.

In Lorne, re-furbishment of two amenities blocks and the reconstruction of the main access road within the Kia Ora park, adjacent to Erskine River is now complete.

Re-sealing of roads , installation of a new playground and additional cabins to replace the ageing Park Units in the south-west corners have also been completed.

Looking to the future - Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park
In 2008 a set of master plans were completed for the five Lorne caravan parks, and whilst some work has commenced at the Kia Ora park, the Committee believes it is prudent to review the other plans in light of the past few years parks experience and changes in visitation. The Committee is also mindful that the plans designate cabins in areas that perhaps may be more suitable to other forms of camping, or being simply left as reserves open space. These aspects are part of the overall review and information about any changes to the 2008 plans will be released for public comment.



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