Play it safe by the water

During summer, many of our beaches are patrolled by life savers with red and yellow flags denoting the safest areas to swim at each beach - please swim between the flags.

If you are using an unpatrolled beach, make sure you:

  • read and obey the safety signs
  • know how to swim
  • always swim under supervision or with a friend
  • check it's okay to swim before you enter the water, conditions change regularly, and
  • if you are unsure of conditions, ask a lifesaver or give it a miss.

Other tips for ensuring your safety in or by the water are:

  • don't swim directly after a meal
  • don't swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • don't run and dive in the water
  • always go surfing with someone else
  • if you get caught in a rip at a patrolled beach, do not panic; float with the rip and raise one arm for assistance, and
  • always wear a leg strap when surfing and a wrist strap when body boarding.