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The Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary work to protect and preserve the indigenous flora & fauna and natural features of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary (ERMS).  Learn more about this group over at their website: ferms.org.au.

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The Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary protects a dazzling diversity of marine creatures and habitats. It's also notable for its geological features.
The nearby Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary shares these characteristics. Visit the Living on the edge website to delve into the nature of these rocky shores.
Split Point's layered cliffs provide insights into Victoria's geological story.
Split Point provides a good whale-spotting site between May and October.
You can learn about the ancient ancestors of modern whales here, including the whale Janjucetus whose fossilised jaw was found near Torquay. 
The shores around the Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary are a beachcomber's delight. These websites will help you learn more about the treasures you can find on the beach.
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