Program Guidelines and Requirements

Important terms and conditions for schools and groups participating in GORCC's Environmental Education Program.

  • Groups/schools must provide proof of public liability insurance and are responsible for compliance with any other statutory or regulatory requirements pertaining to the participants under their control (e.g. supervision ratios, and working with children checks)
  • Activities are only available for groups of 10 participants or more.
  • Opportunities to participate in the program throughout the year are limited. The activities run on a 'first in best dressed basis' and may not be available on your group's preferred date.
  • The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee must be contacted at least 4 weeks prior to the proposed activity. Some activities may not be available at a particular time or may need more notice, planting activities in particular need up to 8 weeks' notice and are generally only available between May and September, so register as early as possible.
  • Activities are flexible and can be combined, extended or reduced where required, and can be tailored to your group's age and requirements, however the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee's resources are limited and the organisation reserves the right to refuse a request.
  • Schools/groups are responsible for providing their own transport to the activity.
  • Schools/groups are responsible for ensuring participants have lunch and/or snacks with them as appropriate.
  • Any potential allergies or other issues which may be of importance must be raised discussed where appropriate with the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Activity Leader prior to the activity occurring.
    In case of inclement weather, the school or group must take responsibility for deciding whether to go ahead with the activity. If you decide to cancel, an alternative date will be sought.
  • All participants must wear appropriate, closed footwear and bring wet weather gear if rain is forecast.
  • All students must bring adequate drinking water. And are required to adhere to 'Sunsmart' practices.
  • All students participating in a theory or lesson topic are advised to bring paper and pens to write notes and participate in worksheet activities.
  • Sites chosen for each activity will differ depending on the activity and the age of participants.
  • An appropriate number of school teachers or adult helpers must accompany the group as per statutory requirements for the age or nature of participants in that group.
  • While all Activity Leaders are competent, skilled and qualified, and will take every possible step to ensure the enjoyment, safety and wellbeing of students, schools and groups have the ultimate responsibility of taking care of the participants as necessary.
  • The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee reserves the right to cancel an activity at any time prior or during the activity as needed.