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Great Ocean Road Coast manages coastal reserves and caravan parks between Torquay and Lorne. We undertake a large range of projects and activities.


The Great Ocean Road Coast operates the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park and Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park.

Situated in fantastic locations, the Lorne and Torquay Foreshore Caravan Parks provide a range of accommodation options for families, couples and holidaymakers. Both parks are within walking distance to the townships of Lorne or Torquay, as well as some of the best beaches and natural environs on the coast.

The caravan parks help generate important revenue which the Great Ocean Road Coast use to manage facilities in the parks and along the coastal reserves. As a not-for-profit organisation, all funds raised through commercial operations, including the management of these caravan parks in reinvested back into the 37 km of Crown coastal reserves, caravan parks and community.

The Great Ocean Road Coast also leases two caravan parks to private operators – Anglesea Beachfront Family Caravan Park and the Cumberland River Caravan Park.

We fund our extensive coastal activities through the caravan park and reserve operations, with occasional project-based grants. All our funds are invested in the management and protection of coastal reserves between Torquay and Lorne.


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