Look out for these local lovelies

About this page

A pictorial sampler of just some of the fascinating local native flora found along our coast.

Spend any time at all exploring the coast along the Great Ocean Road and you will soon discover a diverse natural environment offering a range of different habitats from sandy beaches and dune systems to estuaries and lowland forests. Such diversity makes for an abundance of local indigenous plant species as the following small sampler tries to show.

From wild orchids to flowering shrubs, native grasses and forest species, our coast is a plant-lover's delight. But with 11 of our 14 diverse vegetation communities currently rated as rare, vulnerable, depleted or endangered - including our beautiful Coastal Moonah Woodland - it is up to all of us to do what we can to protect and conserve our native flora from threats such as invasive weeds.

Wild orchids

Banded Greenhood Leopard Orchid (L-R) Banded Greenhood and Leopard Orchid

Mayfly Orchid Nodding Greenhood (L-R) Mayfly Orchid and Nodding Greenhood

Coastal shrubs, succulents and forest communities

LeucopogonLowland forest (L-R) Leucopogon and lowland forest

Moonah in flowerSamphires (L-R) Moonah in flower and Samphires