Weeds and native vegetation

About this page

An introduction to our coast's unique plant life and what's being done to protect it from invasive weeds and other threats. While the coast has some incredible indigenous flora, invasive weeds represent the one of greatest threats to our coast's natural environment.

Coastal Gardening
Remove noxious weeds from your garden (most of them look innocent!) and go native.

Identifying the enemies:
Find out what our worst coastal invaders look like in our weeds gallery - they all start off in the garden!

Look out for these local lovelies
A pictorial sampler of just some of the fascinating local native flora found along our coast.

What is an environmental weed?
Would you know a weed if you saw one? Natives can be invasive weeds too!

Our battle plan against weeds
What are we doing to fight invasive weeds and protect coastal biodiversity?