GORCC Coast Survey

In January 2015 the first ever GORCC Coast Survey was conducted to measure and gain insights into the views, ideas, behaviour and satisfaction levels of coastal users with a connection to the Crown land reserves under GORCC’s management.

GORCC’s Coastal Management Plan 2013-2018 (which identifies priorities and provides direction for the sustainable management of the GORCC-managed coast) contains an action that GORCC “conduct research (e.g. surveys) with coastal users and volunteers to gain feedback and to measure GORCC’s performance”.

In response, in 2015 the first GORCC Coast Survey was developed and launched. It is envisaged that the survey will be conducted every two years, and comparative analysis will be undertaken to measure GORCC’s progress.

The objectives of the 2015 GORCC Coast Survey were to:

  • Provide the community with an opportunity to communicate openly with and provide feedback to GORCC.
  • Measure community satisfaction levels with GORCC’s performance across its core areas of responsibility and work.
  • Identify any community concerns or key issues in relation to the coastal areas under GORCC’s management.
  • Gather and establish baseline data to be used for comparative measurement against future Coast Survey results.

2015 Coast Survey results

Download and view the offical 2015 Coast Survey report:
Coast Survey Report (2015).pdf
Photo: Ferne Millen