The Coastal Management Plan

The CMP identifies management priorities and provides direction for the sustainable management for 37km of coastal Crown land reserves between Torquay and Lorne over the next five years and is in its first year of implementation. Implementation of GORCC's five year Coastal Management Plan (CMP) began in July 2013.

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Download and view the full CMP here.

About the CMP
The Coast Management Plan (CMP) identifies management priorities and provides direction for the sustainable management for 37km of coastal Crown land reserves between Point Impossible east of Torquay and the Cumberland River south of Lorne over the next five years.  Click here for more information about our areas of management. 

The CMP covers every area of coastal management that GORCC has a role in or influence ranging from access and infrastructure to natural environment and caravan parks plus everything in-between. 

How the CMP relates to other plans
The CMP is a strategic plan which sits above all of GORRC's other more detailed location or issue based tactical plans (such as masterplans) and day to day operational plans.  Learn more about where this plan fits and the role it plays

The development of the CMP
GORCC's Coastal Management Plan has been developed through a comprehensive and collaborative process which included:

  • Extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the wider community.
  • Assessment of a wide range of issues relevant to GORCC and the coast it manages.
  • Consideration of other relevant previous studies, reports and planning initiatives.
  • Balancing of social, environmental and economical issues.
  • Use of a formal assessment tool to evaluate all potential actions (i.e. possible projects) against a set of criteria to ensure the best outcomes for the coast and the community.

Monitoring and Evaluation
GORCC will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the CMP to ensure it is effective and is achieving the desired outcomes along the coast. The results of this process will be used to continually improve implementation and to keep stakeholders, including the wider community, informed of progress.

The CMP Community Reference Group (CRG)
In 2011, GORCC appointed 24 community members and an independent chair to a Community Reference Group (CRG) which  provided invaluable input and feedback during development of the CMP. 

This group will continue to play a role durning the plan's implementation.  Input will be sought from the community regarding their views on the effectiveness of the CMP and its actions and this will be facilitated via an annual meeting of the CRG. 

The original members of the CRG will automatically be nominated to remain on the group, however, if you would like to submit an expression of interest to be part of the group, please contact our office and we will provide you with an expression of interest form. Those interested in getting involved are encouraged to apply for a position as early as possible to ensure they are able to be involved over the life of the CMP.





More information

Download and view the CMP

Implementation reports: 
Year 1 Implementation Report
Year 2 Implementation Report
Consultation reports: 
Findings of consultation undertaken as part of the development of the CMP -
Phase 1 Report
Phase 2 Report
Phase 3 Report
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