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Matters of interest can be raised with the committee at its regular meeting.

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee recognises the importance of discussing matters of public interest with the wider community.  To facilitate this, a standing agenda item allows matters to be raised with the committee at its regular meetings.

To raise an issue, you must submit a completed application form to the Chief Executive Officer at least one week before the meeting.  The Chief Executive Officer will consider this application in consultation with the Chair.  Inclusion of the matter raised on the agenda of the next Committee meeting cannot be garaunteed and is subject to time available within the next agenda.

From time to time the committee will invite members of the public to respond to surveys or to join focus groups and advisory committees to assist with the planning and development of coastal projects. The opportunities are generally advertised in local newspapers, our Great Ocean Road Coast News e-newsletter and via this website.

Correspondence directly to the Committee should be addressed to John Carlile, Chair, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee and sent via email or to PO Box 53, Torquay VIC 3228.