Money in money out

A basic overview of our income and expenditure.

Great Ocean Road Coast currently generates around $8 million in normal operating income annually with the majority coming from the two directly managed caravan parks in Torquay and Lorne. The remainder is derived from a range of sources including lease, licence and permit fees, and fee-for-service delivery.

n addition, the revenue is often supplemented by grants, for example from State and Federal Governments, for special projects. However, Great Ocean Road Coast receives no recurrent funding from any level of government.

Great Ocean Road Coast is required to reinvest all revenue it raises back into the management of its Crown land reserves, and to share this revenue appropriately across all reserves. The majority of the direct revenue is expended on looking after the coast and operating and maintaining the caravan parks, while income from grants and donations is applied to specific projects and environmental work.


More information

Our Coastal Management Plan contains more information about GORCC's income and expenditure overall, and our Annual Report gives an overview of income and expenditure on a yearly basis.