Committee structure

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Details about sub-committee structures and committee meetings.

The committee meets regularly to oversee the organisation's work and activities.

Three activity-specific sub-committees enhance the committee's work by focusing on the key areas of coastal reserves, business services and audit/renumeration.

  • Coastal Reserves – management of the coastal Crown land reserves for which Great Ocean Road Coast is responsible.
  • Business Services – management of the range of Great Ocean Road Coast revenue streams.
  • Audit and Remuneration Sub-Committee - management of financial, audit and remuneration matters.

Each sub-committee generally comprises six members of the main committee.

Committee meetings are generally held every two months. In addition, the three activity-specific sub-committees meet every two months to deal with the organisation's key operational areas.

The Audit and Remuneration Sub-Committee usually meets immediately before each full committee meeting while the Business Services and Coastal Reserves Sub-Committees generally meet during the intervening months.

Recommendations from the sub-committees are presented to the full committee for endorsement. Committee meetings focus on overseeing performance and addressing key strategic issues.

Committee members also contribute to various out-of-session matters, and attend meetings, events and functions.