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An overview of the committee's responsibilities and membership.

Like other Committees of Management, the committee members of GORCC are appointed under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 for a term of three years by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, and are selected through a public, skills-based Expression of Interest process.

GORCC’s role is to manage Crown land reserves and their values on behalf of the State and for the use and enjoyment of the community, including future generations.  In fulfilling this role, GORCC gains a variety of powers through Section 15 of the Crown Land (Reserves) Act1978.

The 12 Committee Members of GORCC operate like the board of any organisation, meeting regularly to oversee and provide direction to the organisation. Individual members have significant skills and experience in a range of relevant areas, typically including governance, accounting, strategic planning, coastal management and communications, and contribute these in a voluntary capacity for the betterment of the coast.



Current members