Protecting the environment

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The natural environment is the prime value of the GORCC coast and its protection and enhancement is of the highest priority.

Caring for the coast is at the core of what we do and the natural features of the GORCC managed coast are highly valued and locally, nationally and internationally renowned. 

Unfortunately, the natural environment along our coast is under increasing pressure.  Animal pests and recreational impacts and insensitive are diminishing biodiversity values. However, GORCC's Environment and Land Management Plan has found that the most significant issue is the impact of weeds, with environmental weeds the "overwhelming environmental management issue" on the GORCC managed coast.

GORCC's responses to the threats posed by weeds include the preparation of a Native Vegetation and Weed Action Plan (NVWAP) and the establishment of the GORCC Conservation Team to lead its implementation.  Significant progress has been made, however, ongoing work is required in order to fulfil the NVWAP and to ensure gains achieved are not lost.

GORCC's Coastal Management Plan identifies the protection of the natural environment as one of the significant challenges we face in management of the coast and outline strategic responses to this challenge.

Our current environmental programs and campaigns include: