Statement of intent

Our vision, mission and guiding principles.

Our vision

Protect and enhance the breathtaking and iconic coastline with its diverse community, natural environment and rich cultural history as custodians for future generations.

Our mission

Ensure the effective management of the Great Ocean Road foreshore on behalf of the Victorian Government, the community and users. 

Our Guiding Principles

GORCC has developed a set of guiding principles which are specific to the coast it manages, whilst
complimenting the Victorian Coastal Strategy's principles. These cover a range of topics, including the natural environment, stakeholder engagement and organisational governance. They identify areas which GORCC believes are essential to effectively manage the coast and will guide the organisation’s strategic direction and decision making in to the future.

GORCC believes that:

  1. The natural environment is the prime value of the GORCC managed coast and its protection and enhancement is of the highest priority.
  2. The GORCC managed coast has very strong community, heritage and traditional values which must be
    protected and enhanced.
  3. The coast’s significant economic values provide opportunities to generate resources to support the
    protection and enhancement of its natural, community, heritage and traditional values.
  4. The GORCC managed coast should be managed in a transparent and collaborative way on behalf of and
    in partnership with all stakeholders, with the general community being GORCC’s main ‘client’.
  5. The GORCC managed coast should remain accessible and affordable for the general community to
    participate in a range of passive and active recreational pursuits.
  6. Fostering stewardship and volunteerism on the coast by improving awareness and understanding
    amongst stakeholders is integral to its long term sustainability.
  7. GORCC’s decisions and actions should be directed by plans, strategies and other business and planning
    tools that have been developed in consultation with stakeholders and using rigorous information and data.
  8. GORCC will be pro-active and take a lead role in promoting and facilitating the best outcomes
    for the coast, including advocating and lobbying others on broader issues beyond GORCC’s direct
  9. Good governance, prudential management, organisation and structural arrangements and appropriate
    human and other resources are essential to ensuring GORCC operates in an effective, ethical and
    compliant manner.



More information

Our Coastal Management Plan contains more information about GORCC's role, objectives and more.