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An overview of our organisation and its role.

Great Ocean Road Coast is a Committee of Management (CoM) formed by the Victorian Government in 2004.  Like other CoMs, the voluntary Committee Members of Great Ocean Road Coast are appointed under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 for a term of three years by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and are selected through a public, skills-based Expression of Interest process.

In essence, we are a community-based, not-for-profit organisation.  We comprise 12  committee members (appointed by the Minster for Energy, Environment and Climate Change) along with some 30 permanent employees.

Great Ocean Road Coast manages 37 kilometres of Crown land reserves along the coast, from Point Impossible east of Torquay to the Cumberland River southwest of Lorne. Our responsibilities extend to the Port of Lorne, Taylor Park in central Torquay and Queens Park in Lorne. View maps detailing our management area.

Our role includes: 

Much of our work is undertaken in partnership with the State Government, Surf Coast Shire Council, other agencies, volunteers and the local community. We undertake a range of communication activities focused on building and maintaining effective partnerships, and on educating  and engaging people in caring for the coast.

In terms of funding, Great Ocean Road Coast currently generates around $7 million in normal operating income annually with the majority coming from the two directly managed caravan parks in Torquay and Lorne. The remainder is derived from a range of sources including lease, licence and permit fees, and fee-for-service delivery.

In addition, the revenue is often supplemented by grants, for example from State and Federal Governments, for special projects. However, Great Ocean Road Coast receives no recurrent funding from any level of government.


GORCC Fact Sheet

Click here to access a fact sheet summarising who we are, how we are funded, our role and more.